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Smash Mouth Records, Inc. is a full service entertainment company specializing in consulting, radio promotion, publicity, retail marketing, online marketing, music publishing, merchandising, artist management, and physical & digital distribution. We currently have over 20 years in the industry and a great reputation. We have a rich list of contacts that will help our clients succeed.


We are a company with a single focus: to empower people interested in the music industry to reach their goals as independently as possible. With our straightforward and honest support we help you navigate the “music business maze”. We offer personalized, career advice from experienced professionals representing all areas of the music industry. Record executives, audio engineers, and platinum selling artists are just an email away with career guidance, engineering answers, networking opportunities, and job possibilities. It can take a lot of time, an tremendous amount of money, and years establishing the right connections. We can expedite the process for you, saving you time and money.


Through us, artists and labels have the ability to secure turn-key global distribution deals, while having the potential to secure marketing support for the right artist at the right time through our distribution channels. We are built to embrace the new and rapidly changing marketplace while retaining the traditional approaches to market that remain relevant in today’s environment. This includes both physical and global digital distribution.


Our team works rock, modern rock, active rock, mainstream rock and metal radio. This includes terrestrial, satellite, college and internet radio. We look at your single and see what the right attack is for your project. We work with a team of the best radio promoters in the business.


We do cable TV video promotion and online video promotion. We service your video to hundreds of outlets including, MTV and FUSE, to local and regional video outlets. We also hit all the internet networks such as AOL, Yahoo and many more.

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